Secrets of the River

This series of ecotours is designed to explore the prehistoric and present-day ecology of area rivers.

Upcoming Tours

Secrets of the Wacissa – Covid Style

July 11th (9 am)

WE ARE ON A WAIT LIST NOW – email Rebecca ( to be notified if any spaces open up.

Join CPI President Ryan Means on a day-trip exploring the wild, wonderful Wacissa River.  This will not be our typical trip as we will be doing a socially distanced out-and-back with no shuttle and no lunch/refreshments provided. This will still be an unforgettable trip from Nutall Rise, up the legendarily wild Slave Canal.  Ryan has extensive scientific knowledge of and experience with the Wacissa River.  As many people have in the past—you most certainly will not get lost down there while traveling with us!  This experience will be equally rewarding for those who have done it before, or have always wanted to do it, but haven’t yet had the opportunity.

The unfortunately as such named “Slave Canal” isn’t really a canal.  We’ll learn why and about the history.  The Wacissa River is one of the world’s most pristine first magnitude spring ecosystems, and is a world-class aquatic natural realm.  We’ll learn why.  We will collectively marvel at towering forests of ancient cypress, mixed hardwood trees and shrubs and experience the alligators of all size ranges, terrific turtles, and wiggling water snakes that call this river home.  We also will see huge gar, schools of mullet, and brilliant birds, such as herons, egrets, osprey, and anhinga.  Hopefully, we’ll lay eyes on a limpkin. 

The whole time, we’ll be embedded within one of the region’s most remote locations.  Snorkeling is optional and encouraged.  We will paddle up and body float slowly back down to cool off and avoid any potential biting insects.

$50/person includes boats, boating equipment, and guide. Proceeds go towards our efforts to preserve the biodiversity of the southeastern Coastal Plain through research and education. As a precaution, we will load boats and equipment, parceled out per group, three days ahead of the trip. Groups will unload their boats and grab their equipment bags, while wearing masks. Once on the river, masks will not be required. Limited to 5 people.

Meeting location and other details will be provided in an email upon registration.  Feel free to contact us with questions:

Type of Boat requested

If you would like to request a private tour, please contact us with possible dates. Cost is $575 for up to 8 people and includes a guide, lunch and refreshments, shuttle service, launch fees if applicable, and all equipment needed.

Past Tours

Secrets of the Wacissa – a 6-hour paddle from Goose Pasture all the way to Nutall Rise, down the legendarily wild Slave Canal. Braided channels, rapids, swallets, fossils, and beautiful swamp wilderness…

Wakulla’s Mysterious Waters – a 5-hour canoe paddle down the Wakulla River. We explored hidden channels and had close encounters with manatees, turtles, and so much more!