Nature for Newts

Take the Nature for Newts challenge and help us ensure wetlands are protected and the next generation understands the importance of striped newts, wetlands, and biodiversity!

We’ve all been stuck inside too much this year and could all use a challenge to disconnect from Zoom and reconnect to nature. Spend just thirty minutes a day outside for 30 days and encourage your friends and family to donate to the campaign and join you in your Nature for Newts outdoor challenge!

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign Up Here
  • You can also set up your own personal Fundraising page. Most of the work has already been done for you, you can just add your own personal touch like your photo and edit the words to personalize then ask your friends, family, and networks to support you in your efforts by making a donation and joining you in your challenge.
  • Start your 30-day challenge at any time. Encourage your friends and family to donate and join you in your challenge too.
  • Tag us @coastalplainsinstitute in your social media posts and use #naturefornewts. We’ll be posting our own pictures as well as fun ideas for spending your thirty minutes!
  • Email us photos of your Nature for Newts challenge ( and we’ll post in the gallery below.