Longleaf Pine Eco-Discovery

Come out to Rowlett’s Creek Preserve (near Sumatra, FL) and learn everything you can in one day about the longleaf pine ecosystem.  Meet us near the Preserve entrance, located approximately 1.5 hours southwest of Tallahassee.  We will use our ‘people-mover’ trailer to transport you into the property, an 80-acre inholding totally surrounded by the vast Apalachicola National Forest.


Our day will consist of short walking forays into every corner of this visually stunning pineland landscape.  As we immerse ourselves in the property, we will discuss important aspects of longleaf pine ecology, including: the natural structure and dynamics of the longleaf pine ecosystem, the role of fire in maintaining the ecosystem, select species identification, restoration of altered habitat back to longleaf pine, conservation issues affecting the longleaf pine ecosystem, and the importance of wilderness preservation.



Let’s not forget about wetlands.  Innumerable wetlands are embedded throughout healthy longleaf pine ecosystems and are essential to the healthy functioning of the ecosystem.  There are three wetland types on the property that we will explore and learn about–isolated, ephemeral wetlands, a blackwater stream, and a wet flat/savannah pitcher plant bog.



Coastal Plains Institute staff will provide a gourmet boxed lunch experience for you, and snacks throughout the day.  We will picnic in shade along a beautiful stream.


We will end our day sometime around 5 pm, and transport you back to your parked cars.  You will receive an Ecological Discovery Series Certificate of Completion.   It is our greatest wish that you take home with you a significantly greater knowledge and appreciation for one of the Earth’s most biologically diverse ecosystems–the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem.



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